Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Twilight Ride

The Twilight Ride

I’ll never forget the first time I read Twilight. I was teaching in Georgia and one of my colleagues told me that she just read this wonderful book about a vampire! And then she went on to say … that he sparkled!

I think my first reaction was, “You’ve got to be kidding!” But upon opening the book and reading the first page, I was hooked. Within the week of my Christmas vacation that year, I read the whole series.

Soon, I joined Twilight (and Edward) fans around the world, celebrating and enjoying the world that is Twilight. In fact, Stephenie Meyer inspired me to write again. Since then, I now have two published books under my belt and many more to come.

The Twilight Saga not only opened the world of Forks, Washington, and Twilight to me, it also afforded me the opportunity to meet so many other wonderful Twilight fans over the world. I have become friends with many wonderful people … all to the credit of Stephenie Meyer, Twilight and the wonderful  Stephanie Meyer Facebook fan page.

I’ve enjoyed the ride.

Then, last week, I viewed the last Twilight saga movie, bringing the series—and the phenomenon—to a satisfying close. I couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic. 

But, then I had a thought—any time I want to revisit the Twi-Universe, it’s always waiting for me … in the pages of a book! So I went home and opened my beloved, very worn hardcover of Twilight and I was magically transported into the Twilight Universe with Bella and Edward once again.

Not to sound obsessive—I’ve read the whole series eight times—I can journey back into the Twilight Universe any time I wish and in the safety of my own living room, whether it’s in the books or the movies.  

So, it is with mixed emotions that I say farewell to the wonderful world of Twilight ... that is … until we meet again!

Thanks, Stephenie, for a wonderful ride! You seriously rock! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Reason For the Season

     The Reason for the Season

     I just love this time of year! Holiday romance movies play over an again on television, and everywhere you go, a charitable spirit fills the air. I love it! In fact, I drive my children crazy singing The Chipmunk's Christmas Song and I drive my husband crazy watching the same holiday romance movies.
     But let's not forget with all the hustle and bustle to be kind to each other and remember the reason for the season. When you're standing in line, try to be a bit more patient with the exhausted Wal-Mart check out girl. Maybe offer her a smile and a kind word. It may be her only Christmas present. Let's be a bit more patient with the holiday shoppers. And maybe say a prayer for the grumpy old man who cuts you off in the parking lot. He may need a bit of holiday spirit, too.
     But what I love most of all besides the tinsel, lights and holiday food is sharing it with those that I love. My seven-year-old son told me right after Christmas last year, "Mamma, I know what I want for Christmas next year! Nothing, just the love of my family, because I already got enough this year."
     And he's right. I don't need anything but the love of my family, as well. After all, sharing Christmas with the ones that I love is what makes it so very special.
     My son was right about something else, too. With all the presents under the tree, let's not forget that the first Christmas gift was a little child. After all, He's the reason for the season.
     Have a great holiday season, everyone! And don't eat too much turkey!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fiction Writer's Boost

    Fiction Writer's Boost

     A colleague of mine started her own business, Fiction Writer's Boost. 
     Fiction Writer's Boost is the once stop shop for indie authors, featuring editing, promotional and text formatting services into e-book and POD text formats. Fiction Writer's Boost also features Web site, blog, and logo creations, as well! 
     So, if you're in the market, please give Fiction Writer's Boost a try! Contact for personalized packages, created just for you! 

Check out the Fiction Writer's Boost blog! Web site coming soon! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Held in an Angel's Hands

   Held in an Angel's Hands

   All this talk of angels--reading and working with authors on their angel stories for the anthology-- reminded me of several times when angels have touched my life. In fact, it's been too many times to count. 
   But the first time that I was touched by an angel was before I can remember ... when I was one month old. 
    My mother and father married and moved to Michigan, which of course is cold country, a place where it is not uncommon to experience 13 foot snow drifts. 
   This where I was born. 
   One day when I was just one month old, my mother put me to bed in my crib placed under a window. (Ater this incident, she never placed a bed near or under a window again.) After she lay me down to sleep, she went into the living room to relax. Suddenly, a school bus drove by the front of the house, as school had just let out. However, one of the children threw an iceball from the bus and it crashed through the window, falling into the room where I was sleeping, as the sound of shattering glass filled the air.
   "Terry!" my mother screamed, fearing the worst. Quickly, she ran into my bedroom and I was curled up at the foot of my bed. I was awake, but laying very still. My mother said it was as if hands were holding me, keeping me still until she could come in and rescue me. 
   When she peered over the rails of my crib, there was glass all around me, covering the entire crib. In fact, Mom said that there was even a giant sliver of glass pointed right at my head. I was awake, but wasn't crying or moving, as if protected under the hands of an angel. As if an angel was holding me still, protecting me.
   There was just enough room for my mother to slide her shaking hands down into the glass and lift me up. As soon as I was in her arms, I started to cry and respond normally. As quickly as she could, Mom checked me from head to toe, but there was not one sliver of glass on me anywhere. 
   After Mom calmed down and I was safe, she walked into the room to survey the crib. Glass covered every inch of the mattress, including a little pillow and my blanket, but exactly an inch around the outline where I was laying, there was no glass at all. 
   That day, she called my survival a miracle. 
   Now, as an adult, I knew that day I was held in the hands of an angel. 

   Throughout my life, there have been many times where, looking back, angels have intervened within my life. They always seem to know when to come and intervene. And, even though we can't see them, we know that they are there, vigilant, keeping us safe from harm. Upon more than one occassion, I probably had them working overtime within my life, so I say a big thank you to all the angels in my life--both seen and unseen--for always being there to guide me and protect me from harm. But I especially wish to thank to the angel that saw fit to protect and keep a baby safe within his hands. And even though Mom saw nothing in the room with me that day, she knew it, too. 

Angels Among Us

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