Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Reason For the Season

     The Reason for the Season

     I just love this time of year! Holiday romance movies play over an again on television, and everywhere you go, a charitable spirit fills the air. I love it! In fact, I drive my children crazy singing The Chipmunk's Christmas Song and I drive my husband crazy watching the same holiday romance movies.
     But let's not forget with all the hustle and bustle to be kind to each other and remember the reason for the season. When you're standing in line, try to be a bit more patient with the exhausted Wal-Mart check out girl. Maybe offer her a smile and a kind word. It may be her only Christmas present. Let's be a bit more patient with the holiday shoppers. And maybe say a prayer for the grumpy old man who cuts you off in the parking lot. He may need a bit of holiday spirit, too.
     But what I love most of all besides the tinsel, lights and holiday food is sharing it with those that I love. My seven-year-old son told me right after Christmas last year, "Mamma, I know what I want for Christmas next year! Nothing, just the love of my family, because I already got enough this year."
     And he's right. I don't need anything but the love of my family, as well. After all, sharing Christmas with the ones that I love is what makes it so very special.
     My son was right about something else, too. With all the presents under the tree, let's not forget that the first Christmas gift was a little child. After all, He's the reason for the season.
     Have a great holiday season, everyone! And don't eat too much turkey!

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