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My Haunted Blog Tour

My Haunted Blog Tour


My Haunting Love
By: J.S. Wilsoncroft

Synopsis: Calista Rose is a 16-year-old deaf girl who senses something strange in her new home. Soon she meets a ghost named John and becomes smitten with his handsome good looks and charming ways. Little does she know, falling in love with him brings out the true evil that lingers inside her home. Can she survive  

My Haunting Love?

My Review: Calista Roberts, a teenage deaf girl, finds herself communicating with John, a ghost that has been dead for 40 years. He begins leaving messages for her in her ASL book and soon appears to her. The young Calista falls for the handsome John, but also uncovers mysteries surrounding his death along the way. 

My Haunting Love is a great young adult book that adults will also enjoy right along with the young adults. Wilsoncroft weaves a wonderful story for young people filled with suspense and mystery, while, in Wilsoncroft style, weaving in a good romance, as well. 

A very unique feature of this book is that the protagonist is deaf. Wilsoncroft allows the reader to see and "hear" the world through Calista's eyes and ears, while bringing understanding of the deaf community to hearing young adults, making young adults aware of the struggles of the hearing impaired, while interweaving it in the hearing world.

My Haunting Love is a timeless story and, as Becca Boucher said it best, "young adult gold." It's a great book that both young adults and adults will enjoy for years to come ... perfect for the Halloween season. 

About the Author: J.S. Wilsoncroft was born and raised in the small town of Curwensville, Pennsylvania. Her mother and father taught her to be strong and never give up on her dreams, even though as a teenager she wasn’t sure what  those dreams were. It wasn’t until she was older that she decided she wanted some kind of job working with animals. So, at the age of 23, she got her dog grooming license and has been grooming puppies ever since. It wasn’t until five years ago that she started writing. She woke up one morning with this story on her mind and as the day grew on, so did the story. She finally decided to sit down at her computer and started typing. That’s when her first book, Roller Coaster Love was born. After that, writing stories came to her as easy as grooming dogs. Now, J.S. Wilsoncroft has her hands full being a wife, mother of two children, and three yappy dogs, full-time dog groomer, and as a part time writer.

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