Tuesday, November 3, 2015

About A Horse Named Dog

About A Horse Named Dog

My Book A Horse Named Dog is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! When I was a child, my mother was nearly trampled by a horse named Trumpeter; hence, the inspiration for this book. Although the characters Sam and his family, along with Dog, were fictional, the horses Kitty and Angel were real, two horses that we owned and loved in my childhood. In my youth, my mother often trained our Quarter Horses for shows. They were entered in Pleasure Classes, although Angel often thought that she was, indeed, a racehorse.

The idea for the character Dog came from Disney horses, namely, Maximus from the movie Tangled.  The Disney Studios often personify their characters, especially horses, and I fell in love with Maximus. Then, I played the "What If" game--something writers often do--and asked myself, "What if a horse like Maximus really existed?" Then, Dog was born. And, yes, I fell in love with him, too. 

Also, since this was my first pre-teen book, I elicited the help of my youngest son, Trace, when doing the layout of the paperback. He told me what he liked and what looked good to him and we compromised. Thank you, Trace, for your help on putting together a paperback that all children will enjoy. A Horse Named Dog is also available in e-book.

Amazon: hyperurl.co/il3ukn
Barnes & Noble: hyperurl.co/jsg1c9
Goodreads: hyperurl.co/y7tbrv
Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPFUZ-HdRfQ

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