Monday, August 8, 2016

Santa Goes to Church

Santa Goes to Church

Yesterday, we went to church and my youngest son turned to me and whispered, "Mom! You're not going to believe who's here!"

I shook my head, enjoying his excitement. "Who?"

"Santa!" he said, his face animated. "If its not him, then it's one of his helpers, but I bet you its really him!"

I smiled as I looked across the church. Sure enough, there was a man with a full white beard, wearing a red suit coat ... and he looked just like Santa. "Son, it's probably really him. Even Santa goes to church."

This incident reminded me so much of the Christmas picture of Santa bowing down before the baby Jesus. Even with all of the commercialism of Christmas--which Santa represents--Santa didn't forget that it was really Jesus' birthday. And we can't, either ... whether it's Christmas or not. At this time of year with the hustle and bustle of going back to school and work, it's easy to forget what's really important in life.

I know this is more of a Christmas post, but I'm here to tell you that Santa goes on vacation in the summer in Florida ... and we saw him! Just wanted to share our "Santa Sighting" and a little bit of Christmas in Summer. And as we hurry to get back to school and work from our vacations, let's not forget what's really important in life.

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