Friday, August 5, 2016

WRITE NOW! Prologue

Write Now! 

How to write a book in your spare time, even if you're busy! 


I had been thinking of writing this book or one similar to it for years when people told me that they wanted to write a novel, but didn’t have the time. When I told them my simple writing plan, their eyes immediately lit up and they replied, “I can do that!”

And you can, too.

This book was created to help you find the time to write and to develop a writing strategy that works for you and that you can stick with, even if you’re busy. Not only does this book guide you through the process of creating your own writing plan, I also guide you through actually writing your novel all the way through to publishing. There are also several examples of outlines, a character creation chart, story map, and more designed to help you to better organize your writing.

It is my hope that you will find the time to write and to develop a plan that you can stick with. I first got the idea for my writing plan from an article I read stating that John Grisham had set a writing goal to write at least five pages a day. I knew that with my busy schedule, writing daily was not always an option, so I began to think of what I could do. Then, my writing plan was born.

As I said, I had been thinking of writing this book for a while, but then Annette Cole Mastron from Southern Writer’s Magazine contacted me in regard to writing an article designed to help writers for their blog, Suite T.  My article “How to Write a Book in Five Months or Less” was the result, and ended up being a two-part article. I received so much positive response from this article that I decided to write this book, Write Now! How to Write a Novel in Your Spare Time, Even if You’re Busy. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your own writing journey.

Special thanks to Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writer’s Magazine, for your help and encouragement. Special thanks, also, to Gary Fearon, Creative Director for Southern Writers Magazine, who asked me to write for their Magnolia Corner and who encouraged me to write more articles for Southern Writer’s Magazine. Thank you both for your help and encouragement.

It is my hope that this book helps you to carve out time in your busy life to write and to hone your craft. After all, learning to write is a process that is learned and honed over time. We never stop learning. Good luck on your creative journey! 

Join me tomorrow as we begin our writing journey! 

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