Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine's Day for Kids: Craft Ideas

Valentine's Day for Kids:
Valentine's Day Crafts to do With Your Children!

Valentine’s Day crafts can be fun to do with your children and can be done any time. Here’s some ideas.
·         Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes:
Valentine’s Day gift boxes are fun to make and can easily be done with your kids. First, cover a box from Dollar Tree or any dollar store with tissue paper or construction paper. Next, save Valentine’s Day cards and use the pictures from the covers the next year. But for this year, just look up Valentine’s Day pictures of hearts, cupids, and more, print them out, and glue them to the construction paper to secure. Then, paint a thin layer of glue over the whole box, sealing in the pictures. When the box is dry, then place tissue paper inside along with special things to give your loved one. This is also the perfect gift for your child’s favorite teacher!

·         Tissue Paper Flowers:
Tissue paper flowers are also wonderful to make with your children. We used to make these out of toilet paper when I was a child, but it’s so much better to make from tissue paper! LOL! Just cut four inch squares. Place four or five squares together, fold in half inch segments, accordion style, and join together in the center with a florist wire. Then, flare out the pedals. Last, use floral tape to cover the joining and to wrap the stem. Wrap floral leaves on the stem, too, one on each side. Place in a vase to create a bouquet to use as a centerpiece or give to a favorite grandparent!

·         Hand Print Heart:
Hand print hearts are a little messy, but fun to make! Draw a heart with a pencil on a sheet of heavy white paper. Then, have your child coat his or her hand with paint and place a hand print on the heart. Repeat and place again on the other side of the heart. Repeat with different colors until the heart is covered. Hearts can be filled in with various colors or hand prints can be placed only along the edges, leaving the center of the heart open. This makes a wonderful gift for a parent, or the perfect addition to your refrigerator!

·         Hand-Traced Heart Picture Frame:
Hand-Traced Heart Picture Frames are wonderful and easy to make! Just place your child’s hands on a heavy sheet of colored paper—hot pink or red—thumbs overlapping, index fingers together, and the rest of the fingers spread. Trace your child’s fingers with a pencil. Then, cut out and set aside. (This can also be done with hand prints.) Next, cut out a heart and the center in a contrasting color, leaving enough space for a picture. Then glue the picture on a heavy sheet of white or colored paper and glue the cut out heart over it, leaving the picture visible. Last, glue the hand-traced heart over the heart frame, leaving a border visible between the picture and the hands (see picture). This is also perfect to give to a grandparent, place on the refrigerator, or save as a wonderful memory!

These are all wonderful crafts to do with your children and to create memories that will last forever! Why wait until Valentine’s Day? Start now and give them to a favorite grandparent, teacher on Valentine’s Day, or keep the memories!
Join me tomorrow when we plant flowers, seeds, and a Valentine Garden! Enjoy! 

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