Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentine's Day for Kids: Plant and Create a Valentine Garden

Valentine’s Day for Kids:
Plant Seeds, Seedlings, Flowers, or a Valentine Garden!

Looking for a fun activity to do with your children on Valentine’s Day? Even though the weather is cold, you can still enjoy planting in February! Whether you plant seeds, seedlings, flowers, or Valentines, planting can be a messy but fun activity to share with your children.
When I was a child, we often planted seeds in egg cartons and watched them grow. First, go to your favorite store and purchase a bag of potting soil and some flower seeds. Add the potting soil to the egg carton cups. Then, have your child poke his or her finger in each cup to make a hole. Next, add a few seeds in each hole, a little water, and cover it over with a little soil. Make labels out of colorful paper attached and attach to toothpicks to label the seeds. Set the pot in a window. Over the next few weeks, you and your child will love watching the flowers grow!
Also, you can paint clay flower pots with your child, making decorative Valentine’s Day designs on the sides. Then, plant flowers inside. The flowers will take root and will be a colorful addition to your home, bringing a bit of spring and sunshine into your home, even through the cold winter days.
Besides flowers, you can also plant vegetable seeds with your child. Within weeks, the seeds will sprout just in time to plant outside. When summer comes, you will have an early garden filled with fresh vegetables.
In addition, you could plant seedlings, which will allow the plant to better take root. Again, make sure to label the pots so you and your child will know what vegetable is growing. Then this summer, carry on the planting tradition outside with your child by transferring the seedlings into to a raised or outdoor garden.
Another fun activity you can do with your children is to create a Valentine Garden! Attach Valentine hearts with special messages to pop cycle sticks. Then, push them into the back of a seed pot and enjoy a Valentine Garden! Your children will enjoy the special messages while you’re waiting for the seeds to grow!
In addition, you can plant a Valentine tree! Choose a small, bare tree and plant it in a big flower pot indoors. Then, use red and pink ribbon to tie Valentine hearts with special messages to the branches to create a special Valentine Tree! When spring comes and the ground softens, plant the tree outdoors. Bare branches placed in a vase can be used to create your Valentine Tree, as well.

Whether you plant seeds, seedlings, flowers, or Valentines, you and your child will have fun planting together! Some of my fondest memories as a child were when I spent time with my family planting vegetables or flowers. You and your child will enjoy it, too.
Join me tomorrow when we make crafts out of Valentine hearts! Enjoy! 

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