Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day for Kids: Fun Party Ideas

Valentine's Day for Kids:
Time to Party! 

As Valentine’s Day draws near, it’s time to plan the party! Include your child and have a great time planning together! Three important aspects to planning any party are the decorations, party favors, and planning the menu. We’ll take one at a time.
·         Decorations: A fun way to decorate for a Valentine’s Day party is to first spread a red or white tablecloth over the table, and then top it off with butcher paper in a contrasting color lengthwise across. Cut out hearts in various colors of construction paper and strew haphazardly across the table. Next, add sparkly confetti hearts for a fun Valentine’s Day look! Also, tie Valentine’s Day balloons to the backs of the chairs for a festive look. For place settings, create Valentine Smartie Butterflies with each person’s name on them. Just cut butterflies from construction paper and decorate, glue a Smartie down for the body, add red pipe cleaners for antennae tied to the Smartie, and you have a beautiful Valentine butterfly! For a centerpiece, create a Valentine gift basket filled with candy, a Valentine Teddy Bear, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, baseball cards, or items your children and their friends love. It can be given away as a door prize at the end of the party!
·         Valentine’s Day Party Cuisine: Even though we’ve gone over many dishes to make for Valentine’s Day over the last few weeks, here are a few more ideas to make your Valentine’s Day party special for you and your child. Make Heart-Shaped Pizza! Mix the crust according to package directions—Martha White or Chef Boyardee is the best. When the dough is made, shape into a heart on the pan. Next, add sauce, leaving the edges plain. Add meats and vegetables according to taste. Make a few pizzas and you’ll have the perfect Valentine’s Day Party fare for kids! For desert, create Banana Boats! First, peel a banana and slice into one side, creating a boat. Add strawberries, blueberries, and other berries of your choice. Next, drizzle honey across the top, add a dollop of whipped cream, and you have a healthy Valentine’s Day desert!
·         Valentine’s Day Party Activities: Heart Bingo is a fun party game! Create game cards out of card stock. Then, cut little hearts to use as covers. You can also create Heart Tic Tac Toe boards, with one person using one color heart cover with the person using another color. Another fun party activity for children is to make Valentine’s Day party hats! Measure paper strips around a child’s head for a headband. Decorate with paper and craft foam hearts, add some pipe cleaners with hearts on the ends for antennae, and your child has a cute party hat!
The most important thing about any party is spending quality time together and having fun! When you and your child use your imaginations, the sky’s the limit on what you can create and the fun that can be shared!

Join me tomorrow for the last day in my blog series Valentine’s Day for Kids! Enjoy!

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