Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day for Kids: Get Your Adventure On!

Valentine’s Day for Kids:
Get your adventure on while
you spend Valentine’s Day with your children!

Are you and your children the adventurous types? Then, the best way to spend Valentine’s Day together is by doing something with them that suits his or her personality. If you and your children crave adventure, then share an experience with them that they will never forget with whitewater rafting, a balloon ride, an Orlando Tree Trek adventure, or horseback riding! These are fun, safe activities sure to satisfy yours and your child’s adventurous spirit!
·         Whitewater Rafting: Northern Florida is a great spot to take your child Whitewater Rafting! The Withlacoochee River’s southern section flows for 100 miles through Florida, creating a gentle rafting experience for you and your children. There are seven creeks and rivers that offer a wonderful whitewater rafting experience, including the Alapahoochee, Aucilla, Chipola, Hillsborough, and Falling and Turtle creeks. For more information on whitewater rapids throughout the United States, contact American Whitewater, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and restoration of whitewater rapids.
·         Orlando Tree Trek: Is your child a monkey at heart? Does he or she love climbing? Then, indulge his or her wild side with a trip to Orlando Tree Trek that features obstacle courses in the trees, ziplining and more! The park stretches over 15 acres and features six course that range from 10 feet to 35 feet off the ground. There are four adult courses and two children’s courses, all featuring fun aerial adventure! Each climber is required to wear a Click It safety harness, a double locking system, ensuring the safety of all climbers. So, plan your family adventure in the trees today!
·         Orlando Balloon Rides: A great activity for you and your adventurous child is to take a hot air balloon ride! Orlando Balloon Rides features flights with discounted prices for children. Soar high into the sky and see the beautiful Florida countryside from the view of a hot air balloon, creating memories that you or your child will not soon forget!
·         Horseback Riding: The Lazy H Ranch is just one of the local Florida riding schools that offer trail riding experiences in one-hour, one-and-a-half hour, and the two-hour total riding experience. In the total experience, you will get a lesson on how to groom a horse, including how to brush down and saddle. The experience also includes a one-hour trail ride, and an untacking lesson, which includes bathing the horse. Located on the scenic Lake Tohopekaliga, the Lazy H Ranch trail rides are beautiful, and they offer trail rides for novice and experienced riders alike. They even offer two-hour horse parties where your child gets to ride and paint the horse! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party! So, saddle up and enjoy a trail ride with your child today!

If you and your children are the daring types, then enjoy an adventure neither of you will forget! All the activities mentioned above are located in Kissimmee, Florida, but look around your area for safe, adventurous activities. When I was a child, we had horses, and I still remember the fun we had together as a family riding and caring for them. As an adult, I took my own child on a trail ride and he loved it! It’s a memory we share and will never forget. Create your own memories with your children and have a special Valentine’s Day together!
Join me tomorrow for cooking with your child on Valentine's Day! 

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