Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine's Day for Kids: Make Animal Hearts

Valentine's Day for Kids: 
Making Heart Animals is a fun activity 
to do with your children!

Some of the most common but fun crafts are made from hearts. This year, make some Valentine Heart figures with your child. Here are a few:
·         Valentine Heart Man: Cut a Heart for the body and a smaller heart for the head. Glue the head onto the body, point down. Cut smaller hearts for hands and feet and set aside. Cut four long strips and fold accordion style. Glue the ends to the back of the body for the legs and arms. Glue the small hearts on the ends of the pipe cleaners for the hands and feet. Glue wiggle eyes and decorate the face for a Valentine Heart Man!
·         Valentine Puppy: As above, cut out a heart for the body and a heart for the head. This time, glue the head, round sides down, on the body. Cut out a smaller heart and cut in half for the ears. Glue in place on the sides of the head. Cut out smaller hearts for two paws. Glue at the base of the body upside down. Cut a curved strip for the tail and glue in place on the back. Add wiggle eyes and decorate the face as you like.
·         Valentine Bee: Cut out two yellow hearts and two black hearts. Overlap, showing the bottom of each heart beneath, and glue in place, alternating black and yellow, ending with the yellow on top. Cut out two red hearts and glue to the back of the body for wings. Then, glue two black pipe cleaners in place behind the head for antennae. Cut two small hearts and glue on the end of the antennae. Glue on wiggle eyes and decorate the face as you like to make your own Valentine Bee!
·         Heart Owl: Cut out a big heart in white, but round off the point for the body, leaving the humps of the heart up to make the shoulders. Cut out a smaller heart for the head and then a smaller one in a contrasting color for the face. Glue the smaller heart onto the head to create the face, and glue the head in place onto the body. Cut out tiny red hearts for feet and glue into place upside down. Add a tiny heart for the beak and wiggle eyes and you have a Heart Owl!
·         Heart Ladybug: Cut a big circle and a smaller oval out of black construction paper. Then, cut a bigger heart and a smaller heart. Glue the smaller heart onto the bigger one. Then, glue the hearts upside down onto the big circle. Glue the oval behind the bigger heart for the head. Dip a pencil eraser tip into paint and press onto the hearts to create the ladybug’s spots. Add red pipe cleaners for the antennae and wiggle eyes and you have a Heart Ladybug!

There are lots of other crafts and animals that you can make out of hearts for Valentine’s Day. Just let your child’s and your imagination take over and see what you can create together!

Join me tomorrow for ways to make homemade Valentine candy! Enjoy! 

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