Friday, February 3, 2017

Valentine's Day for Kids: Make Homemade Cards and Valentines

Valentine’s Day for Kids:
Make Homemade Cards and Valentines

A great way to spend Valentine’s Day with your child is to make homemade cards together! Making cards is a wonderful way for your children to use his or her creativity, and to show their appreciation for people they care about. Together, you can make cards for grandparents, aunts, uncles, other family members, teachers, or your child can even make cards for their class! The sky’s the limit! Here’s some ideas.
The Tissue Paper Heart is a wonderful way to make a creative and personal card. Just cut out hearts from tissue paper of various colors. Add spray glue white card stock, and place the tissue paper hearts on it, overlapping the hearts until the card stock is covered. Next, bush glue over the tissue paper to seal. When dry, add a special message to the inside. For variety, use a stencil to paint “Happy Valentine’s Day” or a special message on the front, or give the card to that special someone as is!
Another way to make special cards is to cut a heart out of construction paper, leaving an open heart hole in the paper. Glue your child’s picture on card stock, and then glue the construction paper hold onto the card stock, making sure that your child’s picture is visible. Then, glue the heart you cut out decoratively on the side, along with a few other heart cut outs. Make sure that the construction paper is glued down securely all around. Write a special message on the inside and give to a favorite grandparent!
Another great card to make cards is by cutting out different sizes of small hearts, glue them onto white card stock in a line, and write a message such as “Follow Your Heart” under the trail of hearts. Write a special message inside and give to that special someone.
Craft foam, ribbon, paper doilies, and paint are good to use to create decorative cards, as well. Use your imagination, a bit of glue, and have fun!
Heart thumbprints on the front of a card is a wonderful way to create a memento of your child’s childhood! Have your child dip his or her thumb into paint and place sideways to make one side of a heart. Dip again and turn your child’s thumb to the other side, creating the other hump of the heart. Make several on the front of a card stock, write a special message, and give to that special someone!
Butterfly Smarties are fun Valentines for your child to give to his or her friends at school! Just cut a butterfly out of construction paper and decorate the wings. Glue a roll of Smarties candy in the center. Add pipe cleaners for the antennae, and your child has a special Valentine to give to his or her friends!
With card stock, glue, a bit of ribbon, construction paper and paint, the sky’s the limit on the beautiful cards you can create! Use your imagination and have fun!

Join us Monday when we discus fun activitiesand places to go with your child on Valentine’s Day! Enjoy! 

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