Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day for Kids: Homemade Gifts to make, use, or eat!

Valentine’s Day for Kids:

Homemade gift ideas your child 
will love to make, use, or eat!

Want to give your child something special for Valentine’s Day? Instead of buying something, why not make it with your child?
·         Valentine’ Day Gift Box: Create a Valentine Gift Box for your child, filled with things your child loves! For instance, if he or she likes Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, or baseball cards, then place some packs into the box, along with other items your child will love. Make sure to line the box with tissue paper first. Then, place your child’s favorite candy, cards, or small toys in the box! It’s a personalized gift that he or she will be sure to love!
·         Make Beaded Necklaces, bracelets, or lanyards: Children love to string beads! Why not buy a bead kit and create necklaces, bracelets, or a lanyard to use at school? You and your child will create great memories, as well! There’s a great, inexpensive kit at Walmart! Just My Style 11,000 Beads Bracelet Kit by Horizon Group USA, and it’s only $9.97! (at the time of this writing) Think boys won’t like beading? Think again! Boys love to create lanyards, necklaces, and bracelets, too! And it’s a great way to spend time with your child on Valentine’s Day.
·         KitKat Bowl: Who wouldn’t like a candy bowl, decorated with KitKat bars? For this bowl, you will need approximately 32 KitKat bars, vanilla or chocolate icing, and Reece’s Pieces or M&Ms, a clean, small glass bowl—with straight sides preferred—and red ribbon. First, spread icing on the back of the KitKat bars, one at a time, and “glue” onto outside of the glass bowl. Hold for a moment to seal. The icing will harden as it sets. After the outside of the bowl is completely covered with KitKats and icing, tie a red ribbon around it and tie off with a bow. Last, line the inside of the bowl with tissue paper and fill with Reece’s Pieces or M&M candies. It’s a fun and tasty way to spend Valentine’s Day together!
·         Recycled Crayon Valentine’s Day Heart: Here’s a way to recycle your old crayons! Save crayons in various colors. When you have a good collection, cut them into small pieces and artfully arrange in a heart-shaped muffin tin or any shape of your choice. Bake at 200 degrees until melted. Cool thoroughly, pop out of baking tin and … voila! Instant heart-shaped crayons! Arrange in a tissue-lined bowl. Each time your child uses one of the crayons, they will remember the wonderful time they shared with you making them!
·         Marshmallow Pops: This is one gift that your children will love helping you make just as much as they will enjoy eating! First, melt white chocolate morsels on the stove according to package directions. Next, cut a slit into the center of a marshmallow, then skewer with a paper straw, and freeze for 5-10 minutes. The marshmallow will adhere more readily to the straw. Once chocolate is melted, dip the skewered marshmallow into it until covered, and decorate with sprinkles, coconut, or icing in various colors you like! It’s a great, fun, and tasty way to spend time with your kids!
These are just a few gifts to create with your child. With a little glue, or chocolate and candy, crayons, and more, there’s no telling what you can create … together!

Join me tomorrow for Valentine’s Day deserts to create with your child! Enjoy!

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