Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun Friday: Top 10 Reasons Why Book Boyfriends Rock!

Fun Friday: 
Top Ten Reasons Why Book Boyfriends Rock!
Hey, everyone! For this week's Fun Friday, 
I thought we’d have some book boyfriend fun!

Top 10 Reasons Why Book Boyfriends Rock:
1. He won’t ever leave you for another woman (other than their book love interest).
2. He won’t eat you out of house and home.
3. He won’t ask you why the house isn’t clean.
4. You can have a great night with him and not have to shave your legs.
5. He won't hog all the covers, push you out of bed, or snore.
6. You won’t have to meet his parents.
7. He’s smokin’ HOT and will never age.
8. He’s always there when you want him.
9. He’s a bad boy, but without the drama.
10. He’s your dream guy!

Now, it’s your turn! List your favorite reasons why you should get a book boyfriend below!
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