Monday, January 29, 2018

Believe in Someone: It Could Change Their Life

Believe in Someone:
It Could Change Their Life

               When I was a freshman in high school, I was going through a lot at home and felt that not a lot of people believed in me… including myself. But I soon discovered writing. I would soon rush to my bedroom after school and immersed myself in writing poetry, letters, song lyrics... virtually anything I could think of. At the time, I always wanted to be a writer, but didn't know how to go about achieving my dream. 
     Then I took a Creative Writing class in high school and everything changed.
     Ms. Burke was a young, patient teacher, and very knowledgeable about writing. She challenged us in all aspects of writing from poetry and how to use writing prompts to finding inspiration from the day’s newspaper headlines. In her class, I learned how to write virtually everything. Then one day she assigned a short story. 
     Finally, I was able to release my inner creativity and wrote my first short story at the age of 14 titled "The Door," which I later rewrote for an anthology.
     After I turned in my story, Ms. Burke pulled me aside and told me that I had talent and that I should pursue writing as a career. She was very inspiring. 
     Although life carried me in another direction for a while, I never forgot Ms. Burke nor her words of encouragement. Over the following years, I continued to write poetry, but didn't take my writing seriously until later in life. 
     When I decided to write my first novel, some people didn't take me seriously at first, practically saying "That's nice" and patting me on the head with a condescending look. But Ms. Burke's inspiring words still rang loud and clear in the back of my mind, urging me to write, telling me that I had talent, and to never give up. 
     Over the years, her words have never ceased to encourage me on my path to become a writer. Now, I write under two names and have written over 20 novels. 
     The point is that a word of encouragement can go a long way. Whether it’s to a child, your bestie, your spouse, or a complete stranger, a kind word can inspire and will never be forgotten.
     A word of encouragement doesn’t take but a minute and can last a lifetime. Try it. You might just change someone’s life.

Theresa Oliver is the author of the historical romance series Whiskey River (Whiskey River Brides, #1), coming Feb. 10 from Hot Tree Publishing. 

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