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A Holiday Romance in Christmas Cove

The fifth book in my Christmas Cove Series, A Holiday Romance in Christmas Cove, is now available on Amazon! It's also available on Kindle Unlimited! 


She’s given up on finding love… ever. He just wants a fake fiancé for the holidays. But with the magic of Christmas Cove alive this holiday season, anything is possible….


Roxanne Kincaid, owner of the Christmas Cove Jewelry Store, is tired. Tired of going to parties and functions alone. But most of all, she’s tired of her mother’s incessant nagging about finding the right man and settling down. Convinced that she will never meet “The One,” Roxanne has given up on love.

Liam White, General Manager of The North Pole Lodge, is determined not to go through another holiday season with his parents nagging him to marry. Upon seeing Roxanne at a fundraiser, he opts to make the most of this holiday season.

Together, Roxanne and Liam team up for a fake holiday engagement. But a forgotten deadline approaches that may quite possibly end their relationship before it even began.

In the town where Christmas never sleeps, can two hearts find true love despite false pretenses, or will this end their relationship forever?


Join Roxanne and Liam in the town where the magic of love is just as real as the magic of Christmas itself, in A Holiday Romance in Christmas Cove!