The Sheriff and the Outlaw

Whiskey River Brides, #5.5

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The Sheriff and the Outlaw

Whiskey River Brides, #5.5

It’s a clash of duty and desire in the sultry summer heat when fire ignites two unsuspecting hearts….


All she wants is a safe haven and security in the wild frontier. All he wants is to protect his children and town from danger. Sparks fly as they find more than they bargained for in the untamed west.

On the run, Josey Denning seeks shelter and protection away from a wild outlaw gang determined to find her. Seeking solace and safety out of view, the last thing she wants is for the law to find her.

Daxton Clark is the sheriff in the western town of Whiskey River. It’s quaint and quiet and he’s determined to keep it that way. When a notorious, bloodthirsty gang comes to town threatening their security, he’s sworn to protect his family and the town from the evil forces lurking in the shadows.

When he discovers a beautiful woman, dehydrated and exhausted, sleeping in his barn he’s immediately drawn to her. But will he be able to protect her from the evil forces determined to see her dead? Or will his heart need protection from her?

Determination and daring take the lead as danger storms the banks of Whiskey River, leaving its inhabitants to wonder if the safe secure town they built together will ever be the same in The Sheriff and the Outlaw.

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