Whiskey River Brides Series

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Whiskey River

Whiskey River Brides, #1

Begin the journey to 1870s Whiskey River in this thrilling romantic adventure series, Whiskey River (Whiskey River Brides series).

She may not have the best reputation in New York, but she’s determined to have respect. He is a wandering gunslinger seeking new horizons and is tired of being challenged because he’s the fastest gun around.

Together, they travel Westward in search of happiness, purpose, and destiny. What they find instead is the spark of something they cannot control.


Mail-Order Husband

Whiskey River Brides, #2

She wants to change the rules. He wants to play the role of protector. Together, Madison and Wyatt will gamble it all for love.

Return to the wild frontier in the second installment of the ten-book series, Whiskey River Brides. Join Madison, Wyatt, and your favorite characters as they struggle to overcome loss, change, and discover the whispers of new love in this enchanting western world.


A Whiskey River Princess

Whiskey River Brides, #3

She’s looking for adventure in the West, but discovers more. He’s sure he’ll never find love, until she lands at his door. Together, Gabriella and Dirk will discover a spark that even a blizzard can’t quench.

In the depths of winter under the weight of a blizzard, return to the sleepy, snowy banks of Whiskey River, Wyoming, in A Whiskey River Princess.


The Preacher's Bride

Whiskey River Brides, #4

She’s looking for companionship and dreams of love. He’s loved and lost, and isn’t looking for a replacement to fill his heart. Mia and Caleb discover that there are many types of love, but can they find it in each other or will they lose it forever?

Join Mia, Caleb, and all your favorite citizens of Whiskey River as love takes the reins in this all-new romantic adventure!


The Banker's Bride

Whiskey River Brides, #5

She’s lost everything and wants a new start. He can’t let go of his past… until he meets her. Although both are strong-willed, can they bend their will to the other and let go of the past to let love in?

An epic battle ensues between what one wants and what one expects as danger lurks close by. Will Megan and Dallas come to terms with their troubled pasts in pursuit of a perfect future? Or does Whiskey River have something entirely different in store for them?

In a battle of wills and wit, danger and desire take the reins as we return to the untamed banks of Whiskey River in The Banker’s Bride.


The Sheriff and the Outlaw

Whiskey River Brides, #5.5

All she wants is a safe haven and security in the wild frontier. All he wants is to protect his children and town from danger. Sparks fly as they find more than they bargained for in the untamed west.


Will Daxton be able to protect her from the evil forces determined to see her dead? Or will his heart need protection from her?

Determination and daring take the lead as danger storms the banks of Whiskey River, leaving its inhabitants to wonder if the safe secure town they built together will ever be the same in The Sheriff and the Outlaw.


The Billionaire's Bride

Whiskey River Brides, #6

She’s running away from a life of false assumptions. He’s running toward the life he’s always wanted. When their paths cross, identities and ideas clash as their destinations become unexpectedly entwined.

Snowed in and trying to conceal their identities, will two weary souls find love while a snowstorm rages, or will their hearts turn to ice as danger lurks in the shadows?

In the midst of mayhem and memories, return to the snowy banks of Whiskey River as two hearts discover danger, desire, and what matters at the most magical time of year.


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